Light Industrial Continuous Profile Doors

The continuous profile Light Industrial Roller Doors are designed for easy installation, maintenance free operation and a long life. These doors are fast, silent and safe offering customers’ value for money. The curtain made of Steel with Zinc alum coating and multiple layers of coating. 

The Light Industrial Roller Doors are mostly used in store fronts, shops, warehouses, factories and wherever complete closures are needed at a low cost. The doors can be operated manually, by a hand chain or they could be motor operated. 

Max Dimension : 5000mm width & 5000mm Height Operation : Manual / Electrical.


High speed Fabric Roll up doors

Material: PVC Fabric (900 / 1200 GSM)
Maximum Dimension: 6000 mm Width & 6000mm Height.Speed: up to 2.0 m/s (depending on the size & model).

These rapid Doors are designed for indoor use and ensure rapid transition operations between different areas that should remain separated. These safe and efficient industrial doors come with safety features like photocells and barriers. The doors could be operated by simple Push Button, Radar, Magnetic Loop, Pull switch or by Hand held Remote control options.

Insulated Sectional Overhead Doors

These Technologically advanced New Spiral doors designed to better separate different working areas, where different acoustic and thermal intensity or intended for different uses. These doors are extremely versatile and achieve very high speed of up to 2m/s.
 The system is made of high density polyethylene, while the structure is made of aluminum panels or double-walled steel ensuring high thermal and acoustic insulation with the possibility to install polycarbonate windows.
High-quality materials and advanced technology make this door ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.
Curtain: Double skin Insulated Lath of thickness 40mm /50 mm /& 80mm
Max Dimension: 6500 mm W x 6000mm H
Speed: up to 1.5 m/s (depending on the size). 

Grill type Rolling Shutter

Upward Coiling Grille offers a choice of curtain materials to meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of almost any environment. This security grille is fabricated of galvanized steel. Stainless steel and Aluminium inserts options. The standard curtain pattern for this security grille is a straight lattice configuration, but you can opt for a staggered brick design. These security grilles are built for long-lasting, trouble-free performance. These security grilles are available with an electric operator to provide automatic passage for a variety of commercial and industrial uses, including schools, hospitals, libraries, public access buildings and parking garages.

Polycarbonate Rolling Shutter Door Rib Type and Tube Type 

Polycarbonate roller shutters are of a special design with reinforced Aluminium /SS rods between the panels. The design and materials make our polycarbonate shutters extremely strong and resistant to forced entry. The combination of high visibility with exceptional strength makes our polycarbonate shutters ideal for shops that want to keep valuable goods on display