ALECTO DESIGN & ENGINEERING PVT LTD Alecto Design & Engineering Pvt Ltd is a professional rebar engineering company and we are keen at managing challenges in rebar engineering. It is our aim to provide best services in rebar engineering to our esteemed clients and customers. The company is geared to providing rebar engineering services to a host of clients including rebar contractors, fabricators and construction companies. Further, we are aiming to cater to the clients based in countries like USA, Canada, GCC and UK while retaining India as the headquarters. Gradually, we aim to venture forth in other countries as well. Our dedicated team consists of a highly-motivated team including the Team Leader, Quality Controller / Checker and Detailer (1 (QC): 3 (Detailer) ratio) in line with the client / project requirements. Interestingly, all the founding members are former colleagues and worked together in a leading firm specializing in rebar detailing and performance. Later on, while all of us moved ahead in different companies, we took this opportunity to settle down and carve out our company as “ALECTO DESIGN & ENGINEERING PVT LTD”. All the founding members have ample expertise and professional experience ranging from three years to fifteen years. Besides, all of us have been proactively associated with rebar detailing projects in the UAE, UK, USA and Canada and this has helped us in client relationship management to a great extent. With this robust background, we are adept in appreciating the intricacies of rebar engineering sector.

Our vision is two-fold: to cater to the needs of clients in as many countries as possible and to create a quality-centric rebar engineering environment keeping client satisfaction as the cornerstone of our services and upholding the espirit de corps among the employees.

It is our mission to be a leader in rebar detailing processes. Our prolific experience has given us valuable insights about the rebar engineering sector and we strongly espouse the following values for providing quality services to our clients: üMaintaining “transparency” in our dealings with clients Being “efficient” in our services Ensuring “accuracy” in providing services üFocusing on “effectiveness” in detailing processes LEAD -à Producing Loyal, Efficient & Accurate Detailing

Our services

Rebar Detailing Services

  • Preparing placing and drawings using Rebar CAD, CADS RC and AutoCAD,
  • Preparing lists for material bars in multiple formats for fabrication purposes,
  • Offering customer-specific FTP access for easy file sharing,
  • Providing value-added services like Value Engineering,
  • Ensuring onsite coordination wherever necessary.

Rebar Estimation Services

  • Reinforcing Steel Estimating,
  • Providing services for Change Orders in detailing projects,
  • Providing conflict resolution mechanisms-convenience measures for parties concerned-to ensure an independent review of rebar quantities and changes entailed therein,
  • Ensuring Re-Estimation of projects.

Our Processes

• Providing in-house document printing and scanning facilities, • Ensuring smooth running of our Detailing Process Management System (DPMS) which is linked with fabrication, placing and scheduling with an objective to eliminate lost man-hours accrued owing to errors and expensive project delays, • Ensuring proper document control by recording physically all the documents such as mail communication, Engineer Marked-up Drawings (EMDs) / Engineer Reviewed Drawings (ERDs), RFI's which are exchanged in individual projects and maintaining user-friendly folder system to retain soft copies for large projects.